Image by Jean-Louis Paulin

Psychological Test Adaptation

When constructing a new test is not an option, you still have another alternative to use psychological tests. Finding a previously constructed test with high validity and reliability index that suits your objectives is another option.

Some critical psychological tests might not be available in our language, but a merely translated test will not yield a valid result to make a grounded decision. There are cultural and geographical differences we need to account for when adapting objective tests.

The process of transforming a test into your target language is called psychological test adaptation. It is called adaptation because along the mean, every detail needs to be considered to make the new language edition equivalents to the original. Things to be adjusted when adapting the test are including linguistic differences, conceptual, cultural biases, and measurement techniques.

CodePsy can offer you psychological test adaptation service. With sensitivity to our cultures, we can help you make use of psychological tests developed in different country, cultural, and linguistic background to your objectives.