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Psychological Test Construction

Get the right tools, make the right decision

In Indonesia, there is growing and increased interest upon psychological factors that become the motives to human behavior. As psychological factors tend to be covert and cannot be observed directly, we need a proper method to see those factors clearly. One of the ways we can observe psychological dynamics of people is through a psychological test.

Psychological test is a measurement tool to gain an insight about specific psychological construct that the test is intending to measure. To put it simple, it is a ruler to psychological factors as calipers to an object depth. Because the nature of the construct is latent, we need a proper measure of it. By proper we mean a valid and reliable tool, so you can take the advantages from using the proper custom-made tool for your purposes.

Now that you’re looking for a proper psychological test construction service and we predict that you might be a researcher, academician, teacher, counselor, human resource professional, or executive.

CodePsy will be at your service with empathy and professional manners to meet your needs. As a team constructed of psychometric and statistic enthusiasts, we can be your partner to tailor a test designed for specific purposes and matches your urgency. The test will be customized according to your needs and usages, crafted with carefulness, attention to detail, accuracy, precision, also integrity. 

You will get our full service during the process. We can offer you our best hospitality and professionalism on test construction area with reasonable cost. With efficiency and empathy, we aim to understand your personal touch and needs better to be reflected upon the customized valid and measurement tools.